digests of an amorous e-animal
hello, my name is jackie
i'm johnnie, and jackie too. i use those inter-
changably, so call me which you prefer. i'm a
25-year-old transmasc living scantly on the
barred-out, high-strung florida peninsula.
there is something subversive about being
alive here; there is an irresistible mystique
surrounding exodus and exorcistic practices.
one has little choice but to fantasize when we
come from spiritually undignified places such
as these, and we long for what's home. that's
sorta what this website project means to me:
i need someplace to play, reflect, synthesize
wonder, reclaim all the lost parts and pieces,
and project a consolatory voice to humanists
much like myself who find themselves lost in
this confused and wearied world. hold on to
your dreams and visions, they will help us all.

wait, there's even more about me? ✧

scorpio sun
capricorn moon
leo rising
rain, cold, fog,
art, sleep, writing,
drawing, astrology,
tarot, asmr, games,
poetry, music, furry,
harmony, magic, love,
science, social justice

injustice, capitalism,
conservatism, cruelty,
colonialism, military,
incarceration, state-
apparatus, the passage
of time, mathematics
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